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97 South Front Street
Memphis, TN 38103

Truck Stop


the client

Truck Stop is a unique dining experience in Midtown Memphis that will host food trucks each day for lunch and dinner. The restaurant will have its own limited menu, but most guests will be encouraged to purchase fare from the visiting food trucks.

the task

Farmhouse was asked to create the brand identity for Truck Stop to showcase this unique style of dining. Farmhouse is also working with the architects to ensure proper guest experience and environment design. We will also be creating all digital and print media for the concept. The establishment is set to open in the first quarter of 2014.

the solution

While developing the brand for Truck Stop, we wanted to keep the visuals reminiscent of the trucks themselves. Our brand design was distinctly focused on looking like a truck emblem. All materials for the brand will showcase the unique experience of dining at Truck Stop.

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