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A Logo's Hidden Meaning: The Lofts at Merchants Row

  • A Logo's Hidden Meaning: The Lofts at Merchants Row
    Authored by : Ben Fant
    Tuesday, October 4, 2016

    Merchants Row is a loft apartment building overlooking Second Street in Downtown Memphis. The apartments are located in a historic building that dates back to the 1800s. Before creating the name and brand, we performed extensive research on the building and neighboring area. We uncovered that the structure had been the home for a variety of “merchants” over the years. The brand “Merchants Row” brought the building from the past into the future, telling the story of the building, as well as, creating a unique name for the row of commercial businesses that exist there now and making a unforgettable name for the lofts themselves.

     The logo was designed to give the impression of a recovered artifact that could have possibly been found in the building, salvaged and used for modern branding. This meant we needed to create a custom typeface that was representative of the history of the structure, but intrigued a modern consumer. We also created supporting brand family graphics. We designed a circular logo to add to the family to represent a merchant’s “mark," with the slogan simply- “make your mark.” 

     The feedback to this brand was remarkable. All of the apartments leased before construction was completed.

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