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Good Food Revival promotional poster for Roots Memphis

  • Good Food Revival promotional poster for Roots Memphis
    Friday, November 18, 2016

     Since Roots Memphis is a non-profit that promotes and teaches sustainable farming techniques, I wanted the poster and the brand to reflect an agricultural/harvest motif. Fall colors and organic flourishes as well as a custom type treatment is the primary centerpiece of the design, and it also serves as the branding element to be used on promotional materials. 

     I wanted the theme of the poster to hearken back to a time she we better knew where our food came from; a more agrarian society where so much of what we consumed was grown locally. So, as much as I hate the word, a vintage look with typography you might see on an old medicine or elixir bottle was appropriate.

     The setting for the 2015 event was at Home Place Pastures, and it only made sense to incorporate a texture element in the design since that would really complete the vintage look I was trying to achieve. This year, the Good Food Revival was held at the Delta Blues Winery, which warranted a lighter color palette and a classier feel. I also replaced the wheat in the 2015 design with grapes to reflect the venue of the event. 

     The poster design for the 2015 event won a gold local Addy award, from the American Advertising Federation. 

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